Pyrolytic Assay of Mexican and Brazilian
Mimosa 'hostilis' rootbark extracts

Originally published by - (c) April 2002 by the Alchymist

UK, April 2002


Both the 120 gram batches of Mex and Braz root barks were extracted in total using the same well established acid/base solvent extraction procedure for alkaloids of plant origin.

The Mex root bark extracted easily, the aqueous alkaline extract was initially inclined to foam in the mechanized DCM wash but after two washes was very stable with no emulsion problems. DCM took on a greenish colour very quickly and from this it's concluded most of the alkaloids migrated over to the solvent in just a few hours. After evaporation the colour had changed from green to a dark red oil. This was allowed to stand overnight with no significant change of appearance. No further purification of the extract was attempted.

The alkaline aqueous Braz extract was reduced to the same volume as the Mex, this was much more viscous, the volume was increased again with the addition of distilled water and with this no serious emulsion problem was encountered. The DCM took on a red colour during the mechanized wash and on evaporation became yellow then a dark orange/brown oil. After sitting in a covered bowl overnight in a warm room the oil took on a waxy consistency that spontaneously crystalised. No further purification of the extract was attempted.


All trials were conducted using a glass pipe of custom design. The alkaloid extract was placed in an enclosed glass tube shaped resovoir and vaporised using a butane gas micro-torch which burns at about 1300 deg. Celsius. The vapour was then inhaled through a smaller tube connected to the first in such a way that very little is able to escape to the atmosphere before inhalation.

SUBJECTS (laboratory rats)

Subject A - King rat, Male, forties, many Mimosa journeys over last 7 years, many experiences with other entheogens.

Subject B - Male, thirties, worked with Mimosa about 6 times previously over the last year, many experiences with other entheogens.

Subject C - Male, thirties, worked with Mimosa about 12 times over last two years, many experiences with other entheogens.


Meditative informal bedroom ritual, candlelight, incense, drum. All subjects were aware these were 'tests' of fresh extract but were unsure of the expected efficacy.


Wednesday 3 April 2002, late evening.

Subject A
80 mg Braz extract, fresh oil on pH adjusted parsley base- 3 inhalations, slight sub-threshold shift from baseline. Disappointing.

Thursday 4 April 2002, late evening.

Subject A
80 mg Mex extract, oil on pH adjusted parsley base- 4 inhalations, slow onset threshold lift, no flash, low luminosity, encountered familiar Guardian/Gatekeeper but denied further access. Disappointing

Subject B
90 mg Braz, crystalline wax, no base. Subject encountered a "spirit" and feels he has gone through a profound experience.

Friday 5 April 2002, late evening.
Subject A
Pipe 1 - 50 mg Braz extract, waxy crystalline, no base.
Pipe 2 - 100 mg Mex extract, oil on pH adjusted parsley base. Two stage rocket. Pipe1 'launch vehicle' inhaled immediately prior to Pipe 2 'orbital booster'. Sub-threshold lift from pipe 1 as expected, pipe 2 was disappointing as the anticipated threshold event did not happen. Subject found himself in an unfamiliar and unsatisfying space. In retrospect it was probably not a good idea to combine the two different Mimosas as their 'spirits' were not mutually compatible.

At this point subject A was beginning to wonder if he was temporally unreceptive to ALL Mimosas. To confirm this about 30 minutes after the first two abortive pipes he tried 80 mg of BPC Mex Mimosa extract as a benchmark, this had always proved successful in the past and proved successful on this occasion, Subject A reported a very satisfying Journey.

Saturday 6 April 2002, late evening.
Subject A
150 mg Braz, crystalline wax, no base. 4+ inhalations, rapid onset post-threshold event, heavy body load caused some anxiety because of unfamiliarity with this extract at this dose. Visionary images coloured dark red and black. Short lived, but intense peak, with extended afterglow.

Subject C
150 mg Braz, crystalline wax, no base. (taken about 1 hour after a 80 mg BPC Mex) Threshold event after inhaling just half of pipe contents. Visionary. Subject later reported journey was satisfactory but he preferred the BPC pipe.


Quantitatively both extracts are active in the region of about 100 mg and as such their efficacy can confidently be promoted.

Failure to obtain obtain a satisfactory result with the Mex is probably due to the small number of trials, further work with this is likely to be successful in +100 mg range. However because of the relatively low yield the economics of this must be questioned. Until more work is done the Braz appears to be the better buy, although the high dose required by one subject was the cause of some concern.

Qualitatively there may be differences between different species and even within the same species from different geographical locations. Users of other 'brands' of mimosa may notice a difference. This a very subjective and possibly relevant only to frequent and experienced psychonauts, but does raise some interesting questions about the connectiveness of the plant and its environment with the visionary experience itself.